Heating plants 200-5000kW

We at Sykäke Oy design our modular heating plants by ourselves. Continuous product development work guarantees the high quality of the end products and the tailored functional solutions.

Some of the most significant reference cases are the zone heating plants built in Miehikkälä, Savukoski, Pelkosenniemi, Ylitornio, Pedersöre and Pännäinen. One of the latest reference cases is a 2,5+2,5MW zone heating plant delivered to Rautavaara in December 2009.

We have developed a fuel storage in which two different fuels can be used simultaneously. In the storage desired fuel mix can be made with uniform quality. For example wood chips and peat or wood chips and pellets can be mixed. The fuel conditions can be controlled steplessly. The sizes of the fuel storages are 108 m3 or 150 m3. With two modular storages the sizes are 200 m3 – 300 m3.